Arty Club’s Newsletter 4 of 2019

Since the publication of Newsletter 3/2019, through the medium of emails, members were provided specific details regarding activities such as the Foreign Field Trip to Athens, the Annual Mass for 2 Artillery Regiment and disbanded Eastern Command Artillery Units, and the Field Trip to Glen Imaal.

Particular issues within this Newsletter include: Promotion of a Gunner Officer to the rank of Brigadier-General; 75th Anniversary of the Cavalry Corps; Governance, Activity Reports; Planned Activities; and News from the Regiments.

In a special edition on An Cosantóir (July 1983), marking the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of the 4 Field Artillery Regiment, an article titled “Four Plus Five” written by Colonel J.P. Kane includes a piece titled “9 FAR” written by Commandant M.P. Dunne.   Looking into the Past section includes an extract from this article on these two units linked with Brigadier-General Ger Buckley’s service in Mullingar.

Photographs are credited to the Club’s Membership and to the Defence Forces Press Office,

The Director of Combat Support & ISTAR, the School Commandant and Regimental Commanders are requested to post this Newsletter on IKON, circulate it to all PDF and AR Artillery officers under their command, and are encouraged to provide information for subsequent Newsletters.

Likewise, serving and retired personnel are encouraged to provide information, news and photographs, for publication in future Newsletters.

Upcoming activities include the Rededication of the Artillery School’s St Barbara’s Statue on 05 December, and the Artillery Club’s Annual General Meeting and St Barbara’s Lunch on 06 December.  The current version of the Diary of Events for 2019 is posted on the Club’s website, and is attached as Annex A to this newsletter.

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Artillery Club Newsletter 4 of 2019 (13 Nov 19)

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