Annual General Meeting and St Barbara’s Day Lunch – 01 December 2023

The Artillery Club’s Annual General Meeting took place in McKee Barracks, Dublin on Friday, 01 December 2023, with the kind permission of GOC 2 Brigade.

During the meeting, the annual reports presented by the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary were adopted.

The Officers, Committee and Auditor for the coming year were elected.  Colonel Patrick White was re-elected as President.  The President paid tribute to the following Committee members who retired at the AGM:  Colonel Tom Carter (Retd) (Auditor), Colonel Seamus McDermott (Retd) (Membership Secretary), Lieutenant-Colonel Cormac Lalor (Retd), and Commandant Chris O’Flanagan (Retd).

The Acting Director of Artillery, Lieutenant-Colonel Shane Bradley delivered a comprehensive and informative presentation on the Future Force Design and the Detailed Implementation Plan arising from the Commission on the Defence Forces

Following the AGM, the Saint Barbara’s Day Lunch was held in the Defence Forces Headquarters Officers’ Mess.   The ranking Gunner Officer, Lieutenant-General Bergin DSM proposed the toast to The Artillery Corps and to our Patron Saint, Saint Barbara and addressed the attendees.   The Head Chaplain, Fr Paschal Hanrahan offered Grace before and after the lunch:


Be with the Lord as we gather for this our Saint Barbara’s Day Lunch

For if anyone needs a blessing it’s got to be this bunch!

Keep their limbers rolling along

For to the Artillery Club they do belong

And in the spirit of Gunner James Magee

May our prayer be Semper et Ubique Fidelis.

The Artillery Club conveys a sincere appreciation to the School of Catering, McKee Barracks for use of its Auditorium, and to OC Defence Forces Headquarters Officers’ Mess for hospitality accorded to the members of the Club on the occasion of the 2023 Annual General Meeting and the Club’s Annual Saint Barbara’s Day Lunch.

Keep Those Limbers Rolling Along

Photographs courtesy of Brigadier-General Paul Pakenham (Retd), and Commandant Michael Flood (Retd).

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