Field Trip to Collins Barracks – Thursday 23 February – Coordinator: Comdt Lar Joye

The Club’s inaugural activity of 2023 was its Field Trip to the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks, Dublin which place on Thursday 25 February, courtesy of Commandant Lar Joye.

Attendees assembled on the Museum’s Reception at 1400hrs and moved to the Soldiers and Chiefs Exhibition Room for a very informative and enjoyable guided tour of artillery weapons on public display in the gallery provided by Commandant Joye.

He provided the attendees with comprehensive briefs on the exhibited artillery weapons on display including: the Pedrero Cannon salvaged form the Juliana, 12-pounder Cannon Royal Irish Artillery c 1798, 120mm Heavy Mortar deployed on UN Peace Support Operations, 18pounder Mark IV QF Field Gun, L60 Anti-Aircraft Gun, Maritime Cannon c. 1701, 12=pounder Field Gun and a collection of recovered cannon on display on the Archway.

The culmination of the Field Trip was viewing the 18-pounder Mark II Quick Fire Field Gun, Serial Number 9168, currently on loan from the Defence Forces for the Museum’s “Lost and Found Exhibition.  Commandant Joye provided the attendees with an insight into the Field Gun’s discovery, authentication, recovery, conservation, restoration and its historical narrative.

Link to Club’s Overview of 18 – pounder Mark II QF Field Gun, Serial Number 9168:Overview 18pdr Field Gun Serial Number 9168 (PP 18 Feb 23)

Photographs courtesy of Brigadier-General Paul Pakenham (Retd)

Link to photographs:http://