Arising from Artillery Corps tradition, a Prayer Service took place at the St Barbara’s Monument in the Artillery School, Defence Forces Training Centre, Curragh, County Kildare..  The Service was conducted by Msgr John McDonald CF and Rev Fran Grasham CF.

Following the Service, Lieutenant-Colonel Dermot Hanifin, School Commandant, The Artillery School, made a presentation to Brigadier-General Joe Mulligan, GOC Defence forces Training Centre, on his retirement from the Defence Forces.

At a ceremony in Custume Barracks Athlone, the 2 Artillery Regiment unveiled a  memorial plague honouring Gunners of All Ranks who Died in Service,  The ceremony included a Minute Gun.  Following a Gun Powder Breakfast, the Regiment went on a Field Trip to Mount Uisneach, and later made a presentation to Sergeant John Fitzgerald who was recently posted to J1 DFHQ.

In parallel, presentations were made in the Ceannt NCOs’ Mess of items which will be on permanent display in the Artillery School, including the last flag flown in Magee Barracks on 23 September 1998, and a photograph of the 56 Inf Group UNDOF which was commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Dermot Hanifin.

The President of the Artillery Club, Brigadier-General Paul Pakenham (Retd) received from Mrs Kathern Smyth  the framed Organisation Chart of the 4 Field Artillery Battery 1939 – 1945, which was commanded by her father, Lieutenant-Colonel Denis Burke RIP.  Colonel Seamus McDermott (Retd) supervised the project, and the Artillery Club remains grateful to Commandant Paul Walsh (Retd) for his technical and material support..

Brigadier-General Paul Pakenham (Retd) presented the Jack Jones Trophy to Lieutenant P.J. Dalton, Best Student on the 53 YO’s Course.  He also presented a special gift to Regimental Sergeant-Major John Morris (Retd) on behalf of Brigadier-General  Earnst Beno (Retd), Royal Canadian Artillery Regiment,  in  recognition of his support for the Regiment and in particular for facilitating the provision of 25pdrs to the Canadians for display in Normandy.

Photographs from the Annual General Meeting and the St Barbara’s Lunch can also be viewed in separate albums. under the Club’s Albums.

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