Organised by Commandant Michael Flood (Retd), the 60th Anniversary of the 2 Air Defence Battery was marked by a reunion of its officers and training cadre, in the Defence Forces Headquarters Officer’s Mess, on Friday 27 September, 2019.

The attendees included:

  • The Artillery Club’s President: Brig Gen Paul Pakenham (Retd),
  • Former Battery Commanders: Comdt John O’Brien, Comdt Michael Flood, Comdt Chris O’Flanagan, Comdt Michael Sutcliffe,
  • Former members of the Battery: Comdt Joe Gallagher, Capt Larry Holmes, Capt Tony Brogan, Capt Donal Fox, Capt Tom Butler, Capt John Moriarty, Capt Barry Carey, Capt Ronan Flood, Lt Tom Mulrooney, Lt Mark Rasmussen,
  • Training Cadre Officers: Lt Col Eamonn Fogarty, Capt Brendan O’Dea, Capt Conor Richardson, Capt Kieran Healy, and
  • Comdt Vincent McCarthy from 3 AD Battery.

Photographs courtesy of Paul Pakenham

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