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This Links Section is provided as a service to the Artillery Club’s membership and to our website visitors, in order to help finding other web sites which might be of interest to you.

Links to external websites are provided for your convenience and are not under the control of the Artillery Club. No liability can accrue to the Artillery Club in using external links posted on the Club’s website.

Please contact the Artillery Club if you would like your organisation added to this page, or to report a non-operational link.

To access a particular organsiation’s website, please click on the appropriate title below:

Association of Retired Commissioned Officers
Cavalry Club
Decade of Centenaries

Department of Defence
Irish Defence Forces
Irish United Nations Veterans Association
Military Archives
Military Heritage of Ireland Trust (CLG)
Organisation of Ex Servicemen and Women (Ltd)
http://www.rdfra.ie/Reserve Defence Forces Representative Association
Royal Regiment of Artillery Club (UK)
2 Field Artillery Regiment Association