During 2019, the Artillery School has refurbished St Barbara’s Statue, and subsequently relocated the statue from its previous position to a new position in front of the Artillery School’s main entrance.

In conjunction with the re-dedication of the statue, the Artillery School’s annual Prayer Service in honour of Saint Barbara, Patron Saint of the Artillery Corps and Gunners worldwide, took place this year on 05 December.

The School Commandan Lieutenant-Coronel Dermot Hanifin welcomed all those who attended both serving and retired gunners of all ranks.

Fr P.J. Somers CF blessed the re- consecrated the St Barbara’s Monument and conducted the Prayer Service, which was followed by the firing of the Miniature Guns.

The demonstration of a vast range of Artillery equipment was fully appreciated by all attendees.  A reception was later held in the NCOs’ Mess.

Photographs courtesy of Paul Pakenham

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