A military parade celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the foundation of the Reserve Defence Force took place in Collins Barracks, Dublin, on Tuesday, 16 April 2019.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Minister of State with Responsibility for Defence, Mr Paul Kehoe TD  said that the Reserve Defence Forces had a long and proud history, and holds a special place in the hearts of many people around the country.

The Minister also launched the Employer Engagement Handbook for employers, highlighting the benefits of employing personnel of the Army Reserve and Naval Service Reserve.

Following the ceremony, the Defence Forces Chief of Staff, Vice-Admiral Mark Mellett DSM tweeted: “Privileged to join Minister Kehoe and  meet veterans like Commandant John O’Brien (Retd) at the 90th Anniversary of the formation of the Reserve in Collins Barracks, women and men are the embodiment of volunteerism and an enabler of the Defence Forces capability to strengthen the nation”..  See photograph of the Chief of Staff and Commandant O’Brien in the gallery below..

As volunteers, over 200,000 reservists have served in the Defence Forces.  Such reservists have played a significant and essential role in assisting the Permanent Defence Force in defending the State during the Emergency, and during the Troubles.

On 09 September 1929, Mr Desmond Fitzgerald, Minister for Defence, announced the immediate foundation of the Volunteer Reserve.

A Volunteer Reserve Artillery Battery was established in Collins Barracks Cork, consisting of 146 personnel and equipped with 18pdr guns.

On 08 December 1933, the Government approved the establishment of the Volunteer Force.

A Local Security Force (LSF) was established on 24 May 1940.

In January 1941, all reserve elements were amalgamated into the Local Defence Force.

An Fórsa Cosanta Áitiúl and An Slua Muiri were created on 06 February 1946.

The amalgamation of the Permanent Defence Force and the Army Reserve took place in 1959.

A reorganisation of both the Permanent Defence Force and Reserve Defence Forces in 2011, resulted in the Single Force Concept, involving a restructured Reserve Defence Forces in March 2013.

All units of the Army Reserve and Naval Service Reserve are fully integrated into Permanent Defence Force Units.

Photographs courtesy of the Defence Forces Press Officer, Paul Pakenham and Michael Sutcliffe.

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