Traditional St Barbara’s Day Mortar Race 04 December 2019 – Golan Heights

Field Artillery Regiment March-Out, Murphy Barracks, Ballincollig, 28 September 1998

Video courtesy of Cork County and City Film Archive

Sun‘s (kinda) out, guns out. Check out this video of an artillery gun crew in action at a shoot in the Glen Imaal. Before progressing onto any of the many specialist skills required in an artillery regiment, all ranks must be familiar with the basic forms of gunnery. They must be proficient in operating as part of a detachment with various …


Anti – Aircraft Shoot

2 Artillery Regiment recently conducted a 120 Heavy Mortar and a 105 Gun live firing shoot in the Glen of Imaal, wicklow. The shoot included newly trained gunners who have joined the unit as a result of the recent re-org and integrated Reserve Defence Members from 4 & 5 Bty of the Regiment.

Artillery Shoot from the Archives