An Artillery Corps Concentration took place in Glen Imaal, from 10 to 13 July, involving 320 gunners approx, fulfilling a number of training and operational requirements for 2017.  The School Commandant, Lieutenant-Colonel Mervyn Farrell extended an invitation to the Artillery Club to attend the Live Firing Practices on Thursday, 13 July.

The Firing Parties were drawn from the 1 Arty Regt (120mm, deployed at Coan), the 2 Arty Regt (105mm deployed at Stranahely), and a Gunners / BTA Course (105mm deployed at Brennan’s Farm).  Fire Support Teams were deployed at Leitrim OP, Ogham Stone & Keogh’s House.

Assembling at Leitrim OP, thirty serving and retried members of the Artillery Club participated in the Field Trip.  Following a light lunch, Regimental Sergeant-Major John Morris provided an extensive brief on Fire Support Teams.  Commandant Greg Burnes was the Club’s host at Stranahely Gun Position. Attendees witnessed Empty Guns, with BQMS Godkin, RQMS Whelan and RQMS Wade firing their Last Round.

Following the day’s Live Firing Practices, all Artillery Corps personnel paraded in Coolmoney Camp, and were addressed by the Director of Training Colonel Ray Yorke, who also formally opened the Brown Hall, in the presence of the late Commandant Dave Brown’s wife Mary, daughter Laura and mother.

Brigadier-General Paul Pakenham (Retd), Club President, presented the Captain Jack Jones (RIP) Perpetual Trophies to the Best Students from the recent Young Officers Course namely Lieutenant Alex Quigley, 2 Arty Regt, and Gun Detachment Commanders Courses, namely and Corporal Wiggins, 1 Arty Regt (2017) and Corporal O’Donoghue, 2 Arty Regt (2016).

Thereafter, all attendees availed of an enjoyable BBQ kindly hosted by the Artillery School.

Photographs courtesy of Noel Murphy and Paul Pakenham