Regarding its activities, the Club acknowledges the encouragement and support provided by the Director of Artillery, the Artillery School, the 1 Artillery Regiment and the 2 Artillery Regiment.

The Club’s activities are of an Artillery nature, appealing to a large number of members.  A programme of events is published on a yearly basis and is well supported.

Tried and tested activities include the award of the Best Student on the Young Officers Artillery Course, the Number 1.’s Course and the Regimental Survey Course, attending Live Firing Shoots conducted by the Artillery Regiments, visiting Artillery Emplacements and Battlefields in Ireland, Foreign Trips, Annual Saint Barbara’s Day Celebrations, attending Artillery Parades, and National and Regional Commemorations.

In recent years, on an annual basis, the Club conducts a Foreign Trip such as visiting Battlefields in Belgium and France. For example, during 2015, the Club visited Madrid and the Royal Artillery School in Segovia.  In 2016, the Club visited the Spanish Training and Doctrine Command in Granada and in 2017 the Portuguese Combined Arms School in Mafra.  In 2018, the Foreign Field visited the Austrian Artillery School in Athens, and in 2019  visited the Artillery School in Athens.  Covid-19 restricted curtailed Foreign Trips in activities in 2020, 2021 and 2022.  It is envisaged that the 2023 Foreign Trip will encompass Artillery Installations in London.

Other activities include lectures, visits to military installations and museums and an annual Golf Competition for Club members, including their spouses, partners and guests.