Saint Barbara’s Day Greetings

Take Post – Saint Barbara’s Day Greetings

 ‘Be at the bursting doors of doom and in the dark deliver us’ 

The  Artillery Club’s Committee extends its best wishes to all serving and retired Gunner Officers both at home and overseas, and those colleagues who value our support, on the occasion of Saint Barbara’s Day – 04 December 202.  Saint Barbara is the Patron Saint of the Artillery Corps throughout the world.

On Saint Barbara’s Day, as Gunners let us pause, recollect, and celebrate the Artillery Corps professional excellence, unique legacy, distinctive traditions, steadfast camaraderie, and admirable Esprit de Corps – vital elements of the moral component of artillery capabilities.

The School Commandant and Regimental Commanders are requested to post the Artillery Club’s Saint Barbara’s Day Greetings on IKON, and to circulate it to all Permanent Defence Force and Army Reserve Gunner Officers under their command.

Stand Easy – Club’s Activities

This year’s Saint Barbara’s Day activities will be somewhat redesigned within the Artillery Community in order to protect the Corps.  Likewise, the Government’s restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic has completely curtailed the Artillery Club’s activities.

Keep Protected, Keep Well and Keep Connected

Following an assessment of the evolving Covid-19 situation, and prevailing Government restrictions, and The Artillery Club’s responsibilities for its members, regretfully, the Committee has cancelled the 2021 Annual General Meeting and the associated Saint Barbara’s Day Lunch, both of which were scheduled for Friday 03 December.

Once a Gunner Always a Gunner

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