COS’s Video to Defence Community – Covid-19

Operation Fortitude

The Artillery Club commends the significant Defence Forces support provided to the Government and Civil Authorities during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Likewise, we salute the valuable material and social support provided by ONE, IUNVA, and ARCO to vulnerable Veterans, and to the families of some serving personnel who find themselves in need at this difficult time.

The Defence Forces, including the Artillery School and Artillery Regiments, have deployed a broad range of capabilities supporting the Department of Health, the Health Service Executive, the National Ambulance Service, the Department of Housing Planning & Local Government, and Civil Authorities to counter COVID-19.

By the 31 May, an average of 446 personnel was deployed daily by the Defence Forces nationwide.  In addition to COVID-19-related taskings, routine Defence & Security Operations are being conducted at vital installations, and at sea and in the air protecting our national maritime domain.

Deployed capabilities include: Testing, Medical Triage Call Centre, Construction and Maintenance of Tented Triage facilities and Test Centres, Security and Marshalling, Production and Assembly of PPE and Sanitising Equipment, and Convoy Transfer of PPE Supplies.

The Front-Line Providers include a significant number of Army Reserve personnel such as Corporal Michael Kelly who is an Advanced Paramedic based in Roscommon covering the Western / Midlands area, and serves with 5 Battery, 2 Artillery Regiment.  His Regimental colleagues can be seen above loading PPE for the HSE in Dublin Airport.

Overseas pre-deployment training, deployment and repatriation challenges for all Defence Forces overseas troop commitments, which are impacted by COVID-19, remain a key Defence Forces priority.

The following is a link to a You Tube video, in which the Chief of Staff, Vice-Admiral Mark Mellett DSM pays tribute to personnel of the Defence Forces, their families, and Veterans in supporting the Government and HSE in the fight against COVID-19:

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