Arty Club’s Newsletter 1/2022

Following an assessment of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, prevailing Government advice, the Club’s responsibilities for its members including serving personnel, and in partnership with the appropriate actors involved in the Field Trips, in 2020 the Club’s Committee decided to defer  the Field Trip to the Ordnance School and the National Stud, the Field Trip to Fort Shannon and Foynes Flying Boat Museum, the 2020 Decades’ Reunion, the 2020 Golf Outing, the Foreign Field Trip to London (including the Royal Horse Artillery), and the 2020 Annual General Meeting.

With the exception of the Annual Golf Outing, the Committee also deferred all of the Club’s activities in 2021, including the 2021 Annual General Meeting, because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Nevertheless, by means of postings on the Artillery Club’s Website and emails, the Committee has endeavoured to maintain an effective communications link with the membership.

The issues covered in this Newsletter include: Governance, Club’s Activities, News from the Artillery Corps, and Looking into the Past.  Photographs are credited to the Defence Forces Press Office, 1 and 2 Brigade Artillery Regiments, and the Club Membership.

Looking into the Past recalls the 1941 training accident in Glen Imaal, which remains the single tragedy with the greatest casualties in the history of Óglaigh na Éireann.

The School Commandant and Regimental Commanders are requested to post this Newsletter on IKON, circulate it to all Permanent Defence Force and Army Reserve Gunner Officers under their command, and are encouraged to provide information for future Newsletters.

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Artillery Club’s Newslettter 1 of 2022 (31 Jul 22)

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