Arty Club Newsletter 1/2020

Particular issues within this Newsletter include the 2019 AGM, an insight into the Irish Permanent Representation in UNNY, Activity Reports, Planned Activities, and finally News from the Regiments, including St Barbara’s Day activities in Lebanon, and the ten Gunner Officers who were commissioned on 20 February.  Photographs are credited to the Defence Forces Press Office and Club Membership.

Looking into the Past recalls an Ack Ack engagement in 1941, as recorded by in an Extract from A Pot Pourri of Memories by Lieutenant-Colonel D. Burke (Retd), published in An Cosantóir, September 1991.

The School Commandant and Regimental Commanders are requested to post this Newsletter on IKON, circulate it to all PDF and AR Artillery officers under their command, and are encouraged to provide information for subsequent Newsletters.

Likewise, serving and retired personnel are encouraged to provide information, news and photographs, for publication in the Club’s Newsletters.

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Artillery Club Newsletter 1 of 2020 ( V 27 Feb 20)

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