Arty Club’s Newsletter 3/2018 consists of sections covering Governance, Activities, the Artillery Corps and Looking into the Past.  .

Since the publication of Newsletter 2/2018, through the medium of emails, members were provided specific details regarding upcoming activities such as the Gala Dinner, guard Mounting Ceremony and the Annual Golf Outing.

Particular issues within this Newsletter include Activity Reports, Planned Activities, and finally News from the Regiments.  Photographs are credited to the Defence Forces Press Office and the Club Membership.

Marking the 220th Anniversary of the Battle of Ballinamuck, Looking into the Past, contains an abstract from a paper, commissioned by the Artillery Committee, on Gunner James Magee, which will be circulated to the Club membership in September.   See Club’s website for photographs of the Battlefield Site, .

Photographs courtesy of the Military Archives Image Data Base (Cadet Classes), Airman Denis Fox 105 Squadron Air Corps (Gala Dinner), and Club Members.

The School Commandant and Regimental Commanders are requested to post this Newsletter on IKON, circulate it to all Permanent Defence Force and Army Reserve Artillery officers under their command, and are encouraged to provide information for subsequent Newsletters.

Likewise, serving and retired personnel are encouraged to provide information, news and photographs, for publication in the Club’s Newsletters.

Link to Artillery Club’s Newsletter 3/2018


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