95th Anniversary Artillery Corps 1923 – 2018

Artillery Corps 1923 – 2018

Photo provided by Col Ray Quinn (Retd)

The 23 March, 2018 marks the 95th Anniversary of the establishment of the Artillery Corps.

Prescribed in DFR Number 3, the Corps Headquarters was initially located in Islandbridge Barrack, later called Clancy Barracks, and the Corps strength was 11 Officers, 62 Enlisted Personnel and 10 horses.

Displaced throughout Ireland, the initial artillery pieces consisted of five Mk 1 and four Mk II 18 Pounders, which were relocated to Islandbridge Barracks.

On the 5 June 1923, Major Patrick A. Mulcahy, OC Regiment No 2 Inspection Staff (Athlone Command) was appointed OC of the Artillery Corps.

On 10 July 1923, the 1 Field Battery was established in McKee Barracks, followed by the 2 Field Battery on 5 January 1924.  Both batteries were equipped with four 18 Pounders.

A Government White Paper and Orders Number 3, published in July 1924, prescribed for the expansion of the Artillery Corps establishment.

The Artillery Club salutes gunners of all ranks who have served Ireland with distinction, both at home and overseas, whilst maintaining exceptional operational readiness, unique legacy and solidarity, distinctive customs and traditions, valuable friendship and the bond of camaraderie, since the establishment of the Artillery Corps in 1923.

To mark the 95th Anniversary, the Artillery Club will host a Gala Dinner in the Defence Forces Headquarters Officers’ Mess, on Thursday, 05 July 2018.

Once a Gunner Always a Gunner – Keep Those Limbers Rolling Along

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