Newsletter 2/ 2022

Since the publication of Newsletter 1/2022 on 31 July, through the medium of emails, and website postings, members of the Artillery Club were provided specific details regarding activities including the Annual Golf Outing, the Decades’ Reunion, the Annual Mass for the disbanded Eastern Brigade Artillery Units, and the Annual General Meeting and St Barbara’s Day Lunch.

As in previous Newsletters, the subjects covered in this Newsletter include: Governance, Club’s Activities, News from the Artillery Corps, and Looking into the Past. Any repetition is intentional. Photographs are credited to the Defence Forces Press Office, 1 and 2 Brigade Artillery Regiments, 120 Infantry Battalion (UNIFIL), Coe Club’s Membership.
Looking into the Past recalls the establishment of The Artillery Club as recorded on pages 281 and 282 in “Kildare Barracks” written by Mark McLoughlin, and first published by Merrion in 2014.

The School Commandant and Regimental Commanders are requested to post this Newsletter on IKON, circulate it to all Permanent Defence Force and Army Reserve Gunner Officers under their command, and are encouraged to provide information for future Newsletters.

Likewise, serving and retired personnel are encouraged to provide information, news and photographs, for publication in the Club’s Newsletters.

To view Newsletter click here: Artillery Club’s Newslettter 2 of 2022 (16 Nov 22)

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