One of the Artillery Club’s prescribed objectives is to support military and regimental museums, in the acquisition, preservation, maintenance and display of Artillery weapons, equipment, material and artefacts.

The Artillery Club’s Committee is grateful to the extended Peacock Family in making available, on a loan basis, one of the surviving Morris Commercial CDSW Quad 6×6 Gun Towers, from the 19 original tractors which went into service in 1938.

On Friday, 09 November, acting on behalf of the Artillery Committee, Col Seamus McDermott (Retd), supported by RSM John Morris (Retd), received the Gun Tower, on loan, from Mr Matthew Peacock, and arranged its transportation to the Curragh Military Museum.  The cost of transporting the quad from Leeds to the Curragh was paid from the Club’s museum expense account

On Monday, 12 November, the Gun Tower which has been in the Peacock family for generations and in pristine condition, went on display in the Artillery Gallery of the Curragh Military Museum, with its original registration plate ZC 5835.

Photographs courtesy of S. McDermott

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